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Our mission: to feed, rehabilitate, care for, and find new, forever homes

for neglected alpacas or other animals in need.

The challenging economic environment of the last few years has left many alpaca owners and breeders unable to properly feed or care for their animals. In some cases, we have been contacted by owners or breeders with the request that we step in and take custody. We have also seen situations where animals have been abandoned while in the care of others, as when owners of boarded animals simply stop paying for their upkeep, leaving the host ranch stuck with feed and vet bills. While they are not difficult to care for, alpacas do require space to run, proper nutrition, annual shearing, shots, worming, teeth and toenail trimming, and protection from coyotes and other predators. For years, even before its official formation as a nonprofit, AlpacaShare has stepped in and absorbed the costs and challenges of caring for those animals who have been abandoned or rescued from inappropriate conditions. Please help us to provide for the health and safety of these beautiful creatures.